The Gym


What you can expect

A training facility that equally caters for fighters of all disciplines (Boxing, Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Krav Maga) and athletes in search of dedicated strength and conditioning equipment. Allowing you to start achieving your goals quickly

 How we differ

We have spent a lot of time carefully putting together the gym equipment and layout of Fight City Gym. It was important that our members had access to top of the range equipment (and in many cases Olympic and IWF accredited) whilst not compromising on genuine performance.

Most of the equipment you will find here is normally only seen in professional training facilities – something we are very proud of. You will not find equipment collecting dust here because we have purposely stayed away from ‘faddy’ kit. Our focus is firmly on substance over style.

Cardio area Check the Gallery Have your pick of treadmills, bikes and the latest Concept2 indoor rowers. We are also very proud of our 25 meter multi-functional grass area which can be used for a variety of conditioning exercises all under one roof.
Fight equipment Check the Gallery Take full advantage of our 8 heavy filled punch bags ranging from full length to body shaped to Thai. We have a large bespoke cage for MMA and not forgetting our 14ft Boxing ring.
Fixed weights Check the Gallery Although we have concentrated more on functional equipment at FCG we have also included essential equipment such as Leg Press, Leg Extension, Cables and Leg Curls.
Free weights Check the Gallery We have a large selection of Dumbbells and we have doubled up on the popular weights, competition standard Kettlebells and IWF competition approved Werksan Olympic bumper plates and barbells each with its own lifting platform.
Multifunctional 25 metre sprint track Check the Gallery We are very proud of our one of a kind 25 metre grassed sprint track. You will find it kitted out with a tyre, lifting yoke, farmer\’s carry, prowlers and sleds.
Additional facilities Check the Gallery As a member you have access to plenty of showers and lockers all with a luxury finish, as we understand how important comfort is after a tough session in the gym. You will also have access to our onsite qualified Sports Therapist who can help you to recover from any tough session or injury.