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Personal Trainers (Book A PT Below)

Leon Jason

Leon has been a Fight Coach and Stenghth/Conditioning coach for over 8 years now. He is an active K1 and Muay Thai fighter and heads up our FCG fight team.

Specialising in Strength and Conditioning also, he combines his experience and knowledge to take students from novice to competition standard.

Leon also has a background in San Shou Kickboxing, Competitive Swimming, Athletics, Triathlons, and Bodybuilding.

Leon is one of the founders of Fight City.

Ross Adkin

Ross has been a personal trainer for over 8 years now, specialising in fat loss and sports performance.

Ross has a background in youth football, sports science, physiotherapy, sport psychology and personal training. With his well-rounded knowledge and scientific approach Ross has had great success in getting his clients into the kind of shape they never thought possible for themselves.

Ross is also one of the founders of Fight City.

Marija Malenica

Maria Malenica is a 2x K-1 World Champion, she also has a wealth of experience in Muay Thai, and Boxing in which she hopes to qualify to represent Croatia at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Marija is a professional fighter, and been fighting actively for 10 years.

Marija comes from Croatia but lived and fought in Paris, Amsterdam and Thailand adding to her wealth of experience. She specialises not only in fight disciplines but self defence, fitness and high intensity training with an acute understanding of what it takes to achieve an incredible level of fitness and maintaining a steady healthy weight.

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Fabio Domingues

Over 20 years dedicated to fitness and wellbeing, Fabio is a high knowledgeable trainer, with experience in several sports at professional level, and training for improving mobility and agility.

With a background in Taekwondo, being an instructor and competitor, and training in Sports Therapy and Coach and Training, Fabio has the right approach to help you with your goals for better lifestyle, and to improve your current levels.

Been a very obese guy in the past, weighting over 30 stones, Fabio transformed his life through exercises and food reeducation, and is available to help you with a professional assessment, guiding you to your best results.

Olga Tucakov

Originally from Serbia, Olga is now a London based personal trainer with a background in amateur boxing, Kickboxing, weightlifting and swimming and a passion to share her knowledge with everyone interested in taking their fitness to the next level.

As a coach she specialises in teaching proper boxing technique to people of all levels, athlete development, strength training and fat loss. As a qualified boxing coach, strength and conditioning specialist and a level 3 qualified bodybuilding and fitness trainer, she is known for her ‘no nonsense’ approach.


Jimi has 6+ years of Muay Thai experience and 3 years of MMA as an amateur. His fitness orientated style is ideal for fat loss, fitness and also skill development for all levels.


Sessions are a blend of pad work and fight conditioning which has been proven to prepare you physically and mentally for everything from confidence building to competitions.

Toni Prince

Toni is a black belt 1st Dan in Judo competing for many years representing Great Britain all over the world. Winning over ten national medals six of them being gold.

Toni has won many medals including bronze at the Youth Olympics, Cadet Europeans, the Commonwealth championships and many more at high level tournaments such as World Cups and A tournament from a Junior to senior.

Toni has taken her own judo classes in the past teaching kids, MMA fighters and BJJ athletes.

Toni is available to teach Judo one on one and is currently studying Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 PT and Nutrition.

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