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Personal Trainers (Book A PT Below)

Leon Jason

Leon has been a Fight Coach and Stenghth/Conditioning coach for over 8 years now. He is an active K1 and Muay Thai fighter and heads up our FCG fight team.

Specialising in Strength and Conditioning also, he combines his experience and knowledge to take students from novice to competition standard.

Leon also has a background in San Shou Kickboxing, Competitive Swimming, Athletics, Triathlons, and Bodybuilding.

Leon is one of the founders of Fight City.

Ross Adkin

Ross has been a personal trainer for over 8 years now, specialising in fat loss and sports performance.

Ross has a background in youth football, sports science, physiotherapy, sport psychology and personal training. With his well-rounded knowledge and scientific approach Ross has had great success in getting his clients into the kind of shape they never thought possible for themselves.

Ross is also one of the founders of Fight City.

Jenny Mann

Jenny has been in the fitness industry since 2006, dedicated to fitness and wellbeing.  She specializes in strength and conditioning and fat loss, using various methods such as kettlebells, weight training and HIIT training.  Whilst also training for mobility and flexibility.

In November 2014, Jenny competed in the International Fitness Competition testing for Strength, Power and Aesthetics.  Having competed and experienced how to get her body in the best shape both aesthetically and physically at a high level, she can impart invaluable advice on how to become stronger, looking and feeling good about your body and being confident.

Her system is not about crash dieting or going on a mad 2 hours cardio session.  Life is too short and it’s definitely for living.  You will be able to sustain a balanced lifestyle whilst training on her system, which involves weight training, HIIT and flexibility/mobility work, along with eating a healthy and well balanced diet with minimal fuss for sustainability.

Fabio Domingues

Over 20 years dedicated to fitness and wellbeing, Fabio is a high knowledgeable trainer, with experience in several sports at professional level, and training for improving mobility and agility.

With a background in Taekwondo, being an instructor and competitor, and training in Sports Therapy and Coach and Training, Fabio has the right approach to help you with your goals for better lifestyle, and to improve your current levels.

Been a very obese guy in the past, weighting over 30 stones, Fabio transformed his life through exercises and food reeducation, and is available to help you with a professional assessment, guiding you to your best results.

Freddie Sykes

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 7 years but always kept fit before it playing football at a good level and competing in martial arts throughout my childhood.

During my time in the industry I’ve worked in some high profile gyms and trained some high profile clients.

I’m qualified in many aspects of Fitness but have chosen to specialise in Fat loss, sport specific training and obviously Brazilian JiuJitsu. I’m a sponsored Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete with a nutrition and a clothing sponsor too. I love to compete and challenge myself constantly. I’ve competed at the Europeans in Lisbon and the World championship in California as well as many others across Europe winning many medals along the way.

I got a purple belt after just 2 years of training which is half the recommended time. Ive also been competing in Superfights and have more booked for the future.

I’m constantly changing and evolving the way I train myself in order to improve the way I train my clients.


Ismael Mota is a pro MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  black belt under Murillo Bustamante (former UFC and Pride Champion) and a renowned 3rd degree black belt under Cesar Gracie. He has extended experience coaching and fighting over Europe, United States and South America is now coaching in the U.K. at Fight City Gym


Ismael Mota is a multiple time champion IBJJF – CBJJ ( including a world championship, Pan American, US National, Naticionals, Brazilian Grappling Quest, UFC Fan Expo, Pancrase, NAGA (North American Grappling Association and others)) and he has competed and fought all over the world. Ismael is available to train and teach you in BJJ, MMA and Kickboxing.


Jimi has 6+ years of Muay Thai experience and 3 years of MMA as an amateur. His fitness orientated style is ideal for fat loss, fitness and also skill development for all levels.


Sessions are a blend of pad work and fight conditioning which has been proven to prepare you physically and mentally for everything from confidence building to competitions.

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